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Hembis Tea Bags Out Of Stock

EV8Life Hembis Tea Bags


EV8Life Hembis Tea Bags made with Felina 32 Hemp.

You can boil, stew, infuse, or vaporise EV8Life Hembis Tea Bags!

Each pack of EV8Life Hembis Tea Bags contains 20 Tea Bags.

Net Weight approx. 29g

Green Monkey CBD Juice

Green Monkey CBD Juice Drink


Green Monkey CBD Juice Drink is a refreshing carbonated CBD drink great for after the gym, sports, or a busy and stressful day or if you are just looking to relax.

Each can has 10mg of CBD and less than 0.2% THC

Hembis Ground Coffee

EV8Life Hembis Ground Coffee


EV8Life Hembis Ground Coffee contains high quality Italian Barista coffee beans that are freshly ground onsite which we blend with Felina 32 Cannabis Sativa Hemp.

  • 100% Organic
  • Felina 32 Cannabis Sativa (L) Hemp
  • Italian Barista Robusta and Arabica High Quality Beans
  • Smoky flavour, with Hemp over tones
  • Great for breakfast, lunch or after dinner